Friday, May 16, 2014

A Belated Mother's Day Post

I was busy with Grandchildren
the week before and right after
Mother's Day,
so there wasn't time for blogging.
But, I do hope that all of 
the wonderful women 
in the world, who love to be
called "Momma" had a great day!
Just before Mother's Day
I was keeping Grace and Olivia,
while Heather & Dustin attended
a Home School Book Fair!
Olivia and I were looking at all of the
new flowers in the garden and she
asked each of their names.
When we got to this one, I told her
it was "Heather".
Her eyes got big and her face lit up
as she tole me,
"Heather? My Momma's middle 
name is Heather!"
To which I replied, "Oh, really? What's
your Momma's name."
"Momma Heather McGriff!" came
Olivia's reply!
It was just so cute! She knows her
Mother's name is Heather, but to her,
that's just a middle name.
A name, not often used and of little
What's IMPORTANT is your 
first name.... your REAL name!
And Heather's real name is MOMMA,
to this little girl!
And Momma is the most important
name a woman can have!

Thank you, Olivia, for that reminder!
And thank you, Heather, for being 
There is nothing more you could
do to make me proud and happy! 



  1. Oh Patty, this brought a tear to my eye. Children are God's special people, and they always say what they truly think. Yes, Momma is her mother's name, and it sounds like she treasures her so much.

    Thank you for sharing this story. I loved it. And those flowers.......when I put in a garden at our home, I will be sure to plant some "Heather."


  2. Don't you just LOVE those sweet special conversations with kids? I love how much you love and interact with your grandchildren. It is a blessing they will remember the whole of their lives. xo Diana