Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Making Fire Starters!

 Another camp out activity we did was
make firestarters.
These are some of the BEST home made
fire starters we have ever tried.
To make them you collect cardboard
egg cartons.
 Stuff each hole with dryer lint!
Push the lint down tightly. Most kids
are pretty good at this part.
Then, once the little holes are full,
you melt paraffin wax and pour
it over the dryer lint.
As the lint absorbs some of the wax,
add more.
Allow to cool and then cut apart.
Each hole is one fire starter. 
Store in a ziplock baggie and use them
on camping trips to  get your campfire going.
Or - use them in your fireplace!
A baggie full would make a great addition
to your bug-out bag if you 
have one!
We tested ours out in the backyard
in our firepit, but we couldn't 
light a fire due to a burn ban.
Hopefully, we'll get enough rain that
the burn ban is lifted sometime this
summer and we can have a 

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