Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Do Little BOYS Like To Tea Party?

The girls and I have so much
fun having Tea Parties!
BUT - what about the BOYS?
Do you think BOYS would like to join in?
 While Brilyn and I had a Tea Party
we sat Asher in a chair
and she served him a cupcake
and some tea!
He loved it!
And sitting in a pink chair
and spilling a pretty 
floral cup of tea didn't bother
him one bit!
It was good! Really good!
Hungry boys like Tea Parties!
And those cupcakes tasted
much better than whatever was
in that baby food jar!


  1. haahaaaaa.....what a priceless post. He is just about the most adorable little fella...and, yes, all 3 of my grandboys LOVED tea and treats.....hahhaaa...gotta love it.

  2. hahaha, I think boys like tea parties too. This is the cutest picture of Asher. He must melt your heart.

    Happy Mother's Day.