Friday, May 25, 2012


 Our little butterfly garden is growing nicely and we
have had lots of visitors!
We get a lot of these - Red Admirals!
(and yeah, I can plainly see that they are orange, but that is their technical name)
 We also get quite a few of these
Great Spangled Fritillary Butterflies!

 And we get a lot of
West Coast Ladies!
(Grace has not asked about the West Coast Men)
West Coast Ladies look like Painted Ladies!
The only real difference is the dots on the hind wings.
In a Painted Lady they are white and in a
West Coast Lady they are blue!
And another Red Admiral!
Grace really enjoyed chasing this butterfly.
We chased it all around the yard and the whole
time she was talking to it.
She'd say... "It's okay! I just want to be your friend!"
"I won't hurt you!"
"Come on sweetie.... I just want to look! I won't touch your
pretty wings!"
"Who painted your wings? They're so pretty!"
It was so cute!


  1. Oh that is so sweet! have a great weekend


  2. It is looking good, Patty. I love the little conversation you had! xo Diana

  3. Hi Patty!
    Thank you for your visit and nice comment!!
    Arent butterflies the happiest thing to watch! Yours have found the perfect flowers to camoflage themselves!
    I've enjoyed your post a wonderful photos!
    Hugs and Smiles,