Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Water Fun!

 I was planning to watch Grace and Olivia one day so I
bought a new toy to help entertain them!
 A Water Table!
 I think Grace would have been just as happy with the hose!
She was more interested in the water than she was the water toys!
 When I told her not to pour it on Olivia, she decided to
pour it on herself!
Olivia liked the toys!
I think she checked them all out and played with
each one of them! She could even crank the little ferris wheel!


  1. Kids and water!! We took my grandsons to the beach yesterday and they had a wonderful time creating stepping stones over and trying to dam up a stream that was trying to go down to the sea! Joan

  2. What fun. It is too cold here to play with water toys yet but it will sure be fun to see the kids running around with sprinklers and sprayers again. xo Diana