Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grace Goes Fishing!

One evening when Grace was spending the
night she wanted to go fishing.
So, we went!
It was overcast and it sprinkled on us
while we were at the pond - but we did
catch one little fish.
Grace only likes the little fish.
She says the big ones snap at her! The little ones
are nice.
And the little orange gun belongs to a neighbor kid.
Some of the neighborhood kids joined
us at the pond and tried fishing, too!
Most have never fished before - so Grace did her best
to show them how!


  1. Hi, Patty...this so reminds me of when I used to take my grands to a little park about 3 blocks from home...a great pond there and we would fish nearly all day. A picnic lunch, playing on the swings, laying on a quilt, making out awesome things in the clouds...oh, what fun. Now, they are all grown nearly...the youngest is 10. She will go to bed one night and wake up and be 20....they do have a way of growing sooo fast.
    Enjoy your time with your grand/s.....I can see that you do.....meeee, too. :))
    I just spent the weekend with 3 of them and I was so blessed. We had a blast.

  2. How cute is that! I used to love to fish when I was a kid. The only fish we had were bullheads...awful fish! I am glad she had fun. xo Diana