Friday, May 11, 2012

What Do You Do After Fishing?

 You have a weenie roast!
 Sing songs around a campfire!
And camp!
(and please excuse the awful picture. It was dark. Dark, dark! Any light you see is
from the camera flash)
And when you camp - there is no TV
so you can't watch movies!
So you read!
I think we read the entire Children's Bible
on my e-reader!


  1. What fun-You are a great grandmom! Love all you do with those kids and it will come back to bless you! xo Diana

  2. We would put the tent up in our back yard, play like we were in the jungle and have so so so much fun. I know just how your heart is so full, doing all these things with her.

    I have a 14 year old grand girl spending the night with me tonight...we just went to Subway for a great sandwich, going to watch movies and go to see The Hunger Games tomorrow. Can you imagine how my heart swells when she calls and says, "Memaw, can I come hang out with you this weekend?" OOO HONEY.:))