Friday, May 4, 2012

A New Park!

 Not too long ago Heather found a new park on post!
We decided to go there for a play date!
Look - Olivia and Brilyn are just a couple of inches apart in size... if that!
 And Grace loves the swings!
In this picture we were trying to get her shadow.
She was watching it while she swang!
Ignore the sun flare. My good play lens was in the shop
for repairs and I was using a cheap back up.
 Olivia wanted to swing, too! These swings did not
have the safety gate so she didn't swing very high -
but she had fun!
 And so did Brilyn in her swing!
 We learned that one adult can push 3 kids at one time
on a merry go round!
Isn't this a cool merry go round?
Nothing really to hang onto, though - so you
don't want to go too fast!
 Brilyn liked all the gadgets.
If the girls were fairies, she would be
Tinkerbell because she loves to tinker
with things.
She came by it honestly! I remember buying
old door knobs, locks and things with motors at yard
sales when her Daddy was young. They entertained him for
 Grace wanted to swimg again.... and again... and again... and..
well, you get the idea!
 Olivia wanted to climb!
 And Brilyn wanted to tinker!
It looks like we have 3 very different little girls!
But, that's okay!
It's our differences that make us special!
And these three are VERY SPECIAL!!!

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  1. Isn't it funny how different each one is? They are all so cute! xo Diana