Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Lamb's Birthday

 We had several rainy days, so we needed some indoor fun! So, we celebrated Little Lamb's Birthday!
Little Lamb is the lovey Grace has slept with since
she was little! Or maybe not so
little since Little Lamb was only celebrating
her 2nd Birthday!
(according to Grace she was turning 2)
 We ate cake!
Olivia wore cake!
And I think Little Lamb looked at cake!
 And Olivia enjoyed the party the most! She did
more cake smashing than she did on her own birthday!
I guess you get better with experience!
 Grace enjoyed the frosting! She knows that
frosting is the best part of the cake!
And Little Lamb enjoyed watching the girls
party! And staying in the house and staying dry of course.


  1. Grace was pretty close. I think we were celebrating just a couple months late. We got Lamb Feb. 2010 in Christchurch, NZ.

  2. Oh- What sweet, sweet pictures. When I was growing up my neighbor, Veronica, had a little daughter that had some severe learning disabilities. She was Veronica's "little lamb". She called her Lambie and I never knew her real name until I was grown and gone from home.

    Your Little Lambs are just darling- xo Diana