Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lady Bugs!

 When Gracie spends the night it seems we
always have a few spontaneous
science lessons!
 She loves to discover!
Here are a few lady bugs from a recent lesson!
We saw one lady bug without spots, so this prompted questions!
Why doesn't he have spots?
Is he a man bug?
Why do some lady bugs have spots and some
lady bugs not have spots?
Why are some lady bugs big, and some small?
Why? Why? Why?
Don't you love it when a kid asks why and you don't
have the answers?
We looked them up!
Not all lady bugs have spots. Some have more spots than
others. And some have spots that are shaped differently
than others.
Male lady bugs are lady bugs, also - not man bugs!
And the female lady bugs are larger than the
male lady bugs!
Lady bugs are also hatched from eggs
and if you look at the underside of the leaves in
your garden you might see some!
And that's probably enough answers for a three
year old! Hopefully, I'll gain a bit more
knowledge by the time she is four!

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  1. Well, thank you for giving me all the answers to any questions that might come up about ladybugs in the future. xo Diana