Friday, June 8, 2012

Elly Visits Olivia!

 While Chelsea (our friend in Germany) was here visitng,
she brought Elly by to visit! Olivia loves playing
with Elly!
(This is the friend Heather & Olivia went to see earlier this year, while Gracie stayed with me)
 We played in the pool, but these two seemed to
prefer the water table!
 Don't they look cute playing on the pool deck?
Elly wasn't feeling good while she was here, but
I think she had a little
fun, anyway. It was great getting to see her.
She's grown soooooo much since I saw her last!
But - her family will be moving to the states in a few
months, so maybe... just maybe.... her Daddy will find
a job somewhere close and we'll get to see her
more often!

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  1. Aren't they cute together? Who knows-maybe Daddy will find work close to where you are-xo Diana