Monday, June 25, 2012

Making A Fairy House

 Grace wanted to build a fairy house! So, we got a box
and covered it with various papers and
decorated it - just right!
 After all, her fairies would want to be
 We made a fairy sized bed in a fairy sized
room in pink and purple! Because according
to Grace those are the prettiest colors
and fairies like pretty things!
 We even hung fairy artwork on
the walls!
 I think the fairies will love it!
It's got beautiful windows and doors
and a nice little walkway lines with stones.

But.... where are the fairies?
That was a problem.
Grace had spent the night with me
and she'd left all of her fairies at home.
So, we printed "paper fairies" onto
cardstock and cut them out.
They were meant to satisfy her for
a day, but she still has them.
And - when she comes over and
forgets her paper fairies, we just print
some more!

Now... will someone tell me why we
spend so much on toys every year?
I mean... the kids play with PAPER and BOXES
and DIRT!


  1. Patty , When my girls were small, they would get the pots and pans out to play with them. The happiest I have ever seen my grandson was playing in dirt for hours, he had to have 2 baths that day. The fairy house is so sweet and it's good you entertained your g.daughter with it. She'll remember that. Smiles, Susie

  2. She was playing with her fairy house tonight! And she took her paper fairies with her to Missouri. That has been a favorite toy for a MONTH! lol