Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun In The Pool

Yesterday, we spent a lot of time in the pool!
Andrew is on vacation, so Brandy, Andrew and Brilyn came over
and Grace was already here.
And now BOTH girls can slide down the slide all by themselves.
Brilyn needs help getting up the slide... but going down
is no problem.
She can maneuver her way around the pool
pretty well - unless it's windy and then
the waves push her the direction of the wind.
But - we've got that figured out, too!
Her sweet cousin Gracie can just pull her to the
deck and we can pick her up out of the water and
put her on the slide again.
These two cousins play so well together!
I hope they have lots of good times to come!


  1. They are so brave for being so little! How fun to have such a pool, so perfect for these hot days, have fun! ;D

  2. Aren't they cute together? It is so wonderful to know that they can spend time together bonding. Sweet little girls- xo Diana