Friday, June 15, 2012


 We really enjoy nature here!
 And other things of beauty!
 Grace's favorite color is purple, and our fields
are filling themselves with purple flowers
"just for her"
Or so she says!
 This is a Scissortail Flycatcher - Oklahoma's State Bird!
 And this is just the top of a thistle blowing in the wind!
Grace taught me what a thistle was!
She learned it from Tinkerbell.
See.... watching movies can be educational!
And I have no clue what this is. Perhaps another
thistle. I just thought it was pretty standing there all alone!


  1. It does look like a the ones we have around here anyway. Lovely photos- xo Diana

  2. What gorgeous pictures, I didn't know you were a photographer! I am a little worried about getting rehearsal dinner pictures, since it will be outside and it will be dark at 6pm in November. I have got to do a little practicing and reading to see how to get good pictures in the dark...YIKKES!