Friday, June 1, 2012

Olivia Enjoys a Picnic!

 Grace told me that Olivia wanted a picnic!
 So we picked up some lunch and headed to the park!
 It did SEEM to be exactly what Olivia wanted!
Sometimes I wonder if they have some special code
language or something. Grace always knows
exactly what her sister seems to be trying to
tell me.
 Olivia really enjoyed her picnic lunch - and her chocolate milk!
She's being super careful not to spill. Just look at her using her
little feet as a drink holder. She's resourceful! She knows
that sometimes you just have to make due with what
you have.
 And after lunch - she wanted to slide.
Of course, Grace went along to make sure she
was doing it right.
Big sisters love to help, you know!


  1. Hahaaaa....they both are adorable.
    Reminds me that when our twin granddaughters were babies...couldn't talk yet...they would be playing, one would start jabbering, the other would jump up, go get something, bring it back, and the jabbering one would just smile big and start playing with it or eating it, whatever the case might be. We would be standing there with our mouths open in wonder. :))

  2. Aren't they cute together? They are both just darling! xo Diana

  3. They must have their own little code language. Grace always seems to know what Olivia wants! And I don't think either of them could get enough time outside. That seems to be their favorite place to play.