Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Days at the Park!

 It's nice to have a little park right here in our neighborhood!
We can just jump in the Razor, ride to the park and play...
Sometimes for just 30 minutes or so...
until Grace is ready to move on to something else.

And she's always ready to move on to something else! 
 This kid likes to stay one step ahead.
 She can be a challenge to keep up with!
 But, she's such a delight!
She always has most interesting things to say
and she tells it like it is!

Just the other day she told me that her
Aunt Brandy's friend is not cool!
I asked her how she knew and she explained,
"Well.... cool people have fun and
not cool people mess up fun!"
And when I asked her who was cool,
she seemed to have all the answers, too!
Yes.... this girl definately knows whose cool
and whose not!

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