Thursday, February 21, 2013

A VERY Special Christmas Gift

I received a very special
Christmas Gift
this year from
Brandy, Andrew and Brilyn!
It's a very special
snow globe!
Look at it closely.
Did you notice anything?
If you didn't get a very special
message - look again!
Read Brilyn's shirt!
Yes! Brilyn is going to be
a Big Sister!
And we are having another
grandbaby. He or she
is due in August and although
we found out on
Christmas Day,
the kids wanted to wait
until after the first trimester
to make an official announcement.
It's going to be nice
having a teeny tiny baby
to love!
*very big smile*


  1. Congratulations!!! One more special baby to love on- I'll bet you can't wait- xo Diana

  2. Oh congratulations to you and them-a new baby is such a gift from God! This is going to be so exciting for one of the best grandmas in the world.