Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Since Valentine's Day fell in the middle
of the week, we decided to celebrate
the Sunday before, as we were
already all together for the
February Birthday Celebration.
(except for Dustin, who was catching up on work and home work)
 We had birthday cupcakes and
Valentine's cupcakes!
 And a cute little candy bar!
 A teapot full of lollipops to match our
tea party theme!
Aren't the little silicone teacup
cupcake tins the cutest little things?
I think the girls liked them.
Grace and Olivia came up early
so they were here to help make
cupcakes and decorate.
Grace is getting to be a good helper
and Olivia likes to try!
We gave her the job of taste testing
the frosting and licking the spoons.
And I think she handled both
tasks like a pro!


  1. What a sweet treat for those dear little girls- xo Diana