Friday, February 22, 2013

Dog Sitting

Last weekend Billy and Alyssa
went to Red River,
so we kept Pistol and Kat!
I think Pistol enjoyed his stay.
He likes sneaking into the kitchen
and hiding under the table
waiting for Brilyn to drop
some little morsel of food and
chewing on rawhides
and bones.
Kat misses Billy!
Just look at those big sad eyes.

When she's not in the middle of the
living room floor looking at us with
those big sad eyes she's
laying on the staircase making sure
no one else gets to the
food bowl.
(when we moved here Abby slept upstairs
with the boys so the food bowl is still upstairs
in the bathroom)
Poor Pistol and Abby!
I put Kat out by herself for a little while
each day to give the other dogs
a chance to eat, but they
might have both lost a pound
or two during Kat's stay!
Kat has appointed herself
guardian of the food bowl and
she guards it very well!


1 comment:

  1. How funny is that!?! Don't you love how animals just have their own agendas? You are a good soul to babysit pets. I don't think I could do that- xo Diana