Tuesday, February 19, 2013

F'Real Shakes for Breakfast!

When Grace says,
"I have a great idea!"
You can believe she REALLY has
a great idea!
(or she's up to something)
This time, she wanted to go to
the new store at the corner because
she thinks she saw donuts there.
And it would be a nice surprise
to go and get donuts
for Momma and Olivia!
(you can't argue with that)
So, I started the car, got dressed,
loaded up, scraped windows and off
we went to get donuts.
Grace picked out a round chocolate
covered filled donut with no
center hole for herself.
(more service area for chocolate)
She also got one for her Momma!
And - she got the prettiest donut for
Olivia because Olivia likes pretty
donuts. Hers had lots of sprinkles.
She picked out an Apple Fritter
for me and then wanted to get drinks.
I told her I could make coffee at
home so she got a chocolate
milk for Olivia and a
F'Real Shake for herself.
That's when I figured out that Grace
was up to something.
I think she had planned on
getting a milkshake the whole time!
The donuts were just an excuse
to get to the store.
(where do kids learn that?)
Grace loves these milkshakes!
Not only do they have her
favorite flavor, but she gets
to make them herself.
They are soooo cool!
You choose a cup of ice cream,
Peel off the top and place it
in the mixer. Then press either,
thinner, normal or thicker
and it mixes it up.
Then you get to put on a
lid and inset a straw.
Grace can do it


  1. Hahaha-she is your SweetCheeks up-and-coming! I love it- she is outsmarting you already! lol Love the shake idea and have not seen anything like that here. She is just a doll- xo Diana

  2. How funny is that-what a sweetie she is. I would like to do that shake thing myself. lol