Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Birthday's

 We celebrated February Birthday's
and Valentine's Day on the 10th
to accommodate more people's schedules.
 Billy & Olivia have Birthday's in February!
 Billy got a Cinnamon Roll Cake
and Olivia got cupcakes!
(Billy doesn't like to have his picture taken)
 I think Olivia enjoyed hers.
And I know she enjoyed her presents!
This girl loves everything.
Especially if it has Mickey Mouse,
Minnie, Dora or Tinkerbell
on it. It's nice when little
ones are so easy to please!


  1. Oh isn't she sweet and I totally understand the love of Tinkerbell and all fairies everywhere. ;-)

  2. So very, very sweet and cute. Happy birthday to those sweet little ones! xo Diana