Friday, February 15, 2013

Another COOL Christmas Gift!

Here is another REALLY COOL gift
I got for Christmas!
It was from my son Billy and
his lovely wife, Alyssa!
When Billy buys something - anything - it
has to be the best, and this is
the best rice cooker I've seen.
It's also a steamer and a slow cooker!
I have been using it for so many different
(ribs, apple crisp, various rice and chicken recipes,
soups and chili's)
things I got to wondering if I could
also use it for meals I normally cook
on the stove.
So - I did an experiment!
First, I browned 5 lbs of Hamburger Meat
and put it in 5 freezer bags for future use
and put it in the freezer.
Then, one night when I had a basketball
shoot at dinner time, I put all the
ingredients for Hamburger Helper in the
rice cooker/crock pot.
 I put vegetables in the steam tray and put
it on top of the Hamburger Helper.
I pressed the White Rice button!
And when we came home from our
basketball shoot dinner was ready!
And - the rice cooker cleans up so
easily! I just love it!
This wasn't my favorite rice cooker meal.
I'm not really a fan of Hamburger Helper.
But - it was a good experiment and
a healthier option than
fast food on the way home.
And ANYONE could do it!


  1. What a great idea-mine has a steamer also but I've never thought outside the box with this cooker yet. Practice makes perfect, right ;)

  2. What a GREAT appliance. I love it-xo Diana

  3. Patty, I am crazy for one pot cooking. I do a lot of things in my crock pot and my dutch oven. xoxo,Susie