Monday, July 15, 2013

HOME MADE Rainbow Cookie Dough Ice Cream

 Grace wanted to make
Rainbow Cookie Dough Ice Cream!
 I had a cookie dough mix in the pantry
so we stirred it up.
 We added cake coloring.
 And then we rolled the dough into
little dough balls.
Grace rolled purple balls.
Olivia rolled pink balls.
And I rolled green ones.
 I used an ice cream mix, but I wanted
a more cake batter like flavor, so I
added a box of vanilla pudding.
Plus 6 cups of whole milk
and a little vanilla.
 We put the dough balls in the freezer
and let the ice cream freeze until
it was milk shake thick.
 Then we added the cookie dough
and continued freezing.
 The ice cream turned pink and there
was more cookie dough in the top than
in the bottom, but it was still
a big hit!
 The girls loved it.
 Most of them required a
second helping.
 And there was plenty to go around!
We should definitely do this
more often!

1 comment:

  1. What fun- I love all the wonderful things you do with those girls- xo Diana