Monday, July 1, 2013

Barbie Is Moving Tour

 While I was in Texas we went to
the Barbie Is Moving Tour.
 There were areas set up to
take your picture.
It was meant for taller girls,
but then, I guess Barbie was meant
for taller girls, too.
 The girls did have a good
time, though.
 They got to dress up in
Barbie's clothes.
 Olivia even wore her sunglasses.
 Once dressed, they got to
walk the runway and model
the clothes they chose.
 There was a fashion design
area where they got to
design a Barbie dress.
 Here are some of the design materials.
 Here, Grace and Olivia are working
on their designs.
 They got to have their faces painted!
(for Olivia, they painted her arm so she could see it)
 They got to build their own little
Barbie Dream House with Mega Blocks!
And they got to take it home!
Olivia liked playing with the ones
on display!
The work stations looked like this!
There were little pink and white
tents with the fashion design and
mega blocks in them.
And if Barbie comes to your area,
you will know she's there when you
see these trucks.
It was a fun activity for the girls!
I'd go in the morning if you
live in an area that is hot!
It's an outdoor event.
You can see Barbie's schedule
by following this link.

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