Monday, July 8, 2013

Hands on Science Lesson..... Trantulas!

 This time of year Tarantulas are plentiful
in Oklahoma, so I thought we'd take the
opportunity to learn about them.
This is a Rose Haired Tarantula!
He's pretty fascinating! 
 Tarantula's are spiders.
Spiders have 8 legs and 2 body segments.
A spider's legs have 6 joints each.
Most spiders have eight eyes, but some have less.
Spiders also have these tiny little
leg-ish things called ‘pedipalps’ that are beside the fangs. 
They help to hold prey while the spider bites it.
Tarantula's require live food - like crickets.
Some spiders are poisonous and others
are not. Children should ask an
adult before touching a spider.
(since some spiders do bite)
Tarantula's are poisonous spiders,
but they rarely bite if handled properly.
They can also inject their hair into your
skin. This feels somewhat like a
fine splinter and can itch, but it's relatively
painless - and a warning that you might
be handling your spider a little
too rough. Our spider was relatively friendly
but Grace gave him a scare or two.
And I say "him" because I THINK he was
a boy. Boy Tarantula's are smaller than
girls as they only live for
5 years and girls live 15-20.
So... as far as Tarantula's go, it's a
Girl's World!

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