Friday, July 19, 2013

The Butterfly Garden

Our little butterfly garden has not been
as pretty this year as it has in years past.
The weather has been a little weird
I think that has some of the
flowers confused. They're not sure
if it is spring, summer or fall,
and so they're not quite sure
what to do.
We have had a good crop
of butterflies, though!
I've counted as many as 12
species in a day!
 This Gulf Fritillary is new to the
garden this year. I love his shiny
silvery patches on his wings.
He's really beautiful!
 The Buckeyes have been plentiful!
There are four or five in the garden
almost every single day.
 These little crescents are common, too.
We see them all the time and they
seem to run in little flocks.
There are four on the coneflower above.
Can you see them?
And another crescent. This guy is lucky
to have found a flower to perch on.
See those green leaves in
the background?
That's a watermelon plant!
Grace spit seeds into the garden
last summer and now her
watermelon have taken over.
It's choking out the flowers so the
butterflies might have a little less
to eat, but it'll be feeding us, soon!
The watermelon are almost ripe!

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