Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Good Manners Tea Party

 The girls have been a little
lax about using their manners,
so we had a
Good Manners Tea Party
to practice "being proper."
Each girl started out with
3 clothes pins pinned to their
clothes. If they did something nice,
they got another one.
BUT - if they used bad manners
they lost one!
 Olivia drank like a puppy
and lost a clothes pin!
 Grace used good manners and shared.
She served her sister nicely
and got an extra clothes pin.
 She caught onto this really quickly!
 One pin, two pins, three pins.... four!
 Being nice gets you more and more!
 They had such a good time.
Olivia didn't care that Grace had more
clothes pins. She was just happy to party.
But - Grace wanted to WIN!
She kept being nice and saying please
and thank you!
Olivia preferred to be silly
and blow bubbles with her tea.
She lost another clothes pin!
 When Olivia was down to one clothes pin
she gave it to Grace and said,
"You win!"
She may not have the world's
best manners, but at least she's
a good sport!
And Grace was happy to be
the Good Manners Champion!


  1. I love that they are learning manners. I've tried to teach my more. Their moms used their manners , growing up. More kids need to know manners. xoxo,Susie

  2. LOL- That is hysterical. You Win!!!! Good idea to learn manners-it will serve them well their whole lives. xo Diana

  3. awww, Patty...this is sooo cute. The girls are adorable and what a fun way to "be proper". I love it....
    You are such a fun grandmother.....and all this makes me miss our LITTLE girls...all 7 are now just about grown with the youngest being Deeds, at 11.