Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Animal Nature Hike

Grace wanted to go on an
"Animal Nature Hike"
so we went to the
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge!
 We saw deer!
 The deer were my favorite animals
of the day!
 We found a Tarantula which
worked right into our recent
science studies! Grace befriended
him right away!
 She knows just how to hold him.
You have to GENTLY coax him onto your
hand. Grabbing him might scare
him and if he's scared he might bite!
 Only - I think HE might be a SHE!
This spider is much bigger than ours
at home!
 We saw Prairie Dogs!
 Prairie Dogs are really cute and Olivia
loved chasing them into their holes.
I'm sure if caught they would bite,
but I doubt we really have to worry much
about Olivia catching one.
And chasing them is so much fun!
 We found a hiking trail and hiked!
It started out wide, and smooth and easy!
 But it eventually became rocky and rough.
I was glad I dressed Olivia in jeans.
She was tough and hiked most of the
way without help.
 Grace liked the tougher areas of the trail,
but when it got really rough,
I carried Olivia!
 We saw a lizard!
This was Grace's favorite animal
of the day! She loved watching it and
even tried to catch it, but it was
too fast!
And we saw this big guy!
A buffalo!
This buffalo was standing right in front
of us scratching his bottom on a rock.
Grace tried telling him that it was not
proper to be doing that in front of GIRLS,
and Olivia just laughed and laughed.
Then we went to the Refuge Visitors Center,
and Olivia told everyone she saw about that
buffalo. She thought it was the funniest
thing she'd ever seen and she even
chose a toy buffalo from the
gift shop to remember it by!

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