Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Scenes From the Water Park

At the water park there is a little
pool with water buckets that dump
from time to time.
 Grace likes to practice her swimming
skills there. She can swim, but she's more
confident in the smaller pool.
 There is also a spray pool for little ones.
It's shallow and the sprinklers go
all the time.
 And on the other side of that rock wall
behind Olivia is a HUGE sandbox.
It's got a couple of market umbrellas
for shade.
Kids can bring their shovels and pails
and play in the sand and then
go shower or swim and go home
sand free!
 I didn't get pictures of the BIG slide.
Grace warned me not to try that one.
And behind the girls here is a shallow
area, but just outside of it is a
deeper area surrounded by rocks.
Big kids could feel like they were
cliff diving!
Anyway, we had a good time and
this water park is just the right size
for little ones.


1 comment:

  1. O, I remember when our grands were little like this...we have a great water park here and we'd go about once or twice a month thru summer. We had so much fun....they loved it.
    Your girls are looking so cute in their little suits. :)