Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Very Hands-On Day At The Zoo

While Grace was here we went
to the zoo!
Brandy, Andrew, Brilyn
& Asher went, too!
It was a nice, overcast day
and rain was predicted, so the zoo
wasn't crowded at all.
Grace & Brilyn had lots of fun
and got to do a lot of
hands-on activities.
 We started out feeding the Lorikeets.
 In the past this has been a favorite exhibit
of mine because it's so hand-on and fun
for the kids. Now, the OKC Zoo
has added other features, but the Lorikeets
are still some of my favorites.

After feeding the Lorikeets, we went to the
Children's Petting Zoo.
Grace really enjoyed the goats
and I think they liked her, too!
It'll take a few days to cover all of the
hands on activities,  so look
for more on my next blog post. 


  1. I LOVE that you do so much with your grandkids. Some day they will realize what a blessing you are to them- xo Diana

  2. I absolutely love trips to the zoo. Looks like a wonderful outing.

  3. How fun and how adorable the girls are.
    Our nearest zoo is 3 hours away and when the grands were little, we made the trip about once a month. Sometimes, their mom went, too, and we'd rent a motel room and swim or do the hot tub. They loved it.