Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tea Time with Brilyn!

 Brilyn loves a Tea Party!
She picked out a pretty dress and hat,
so I thought it might be nice to
use a special tea set.
 I filled the tea pot with Raspberry Tea
and set out treats!
 Brilyn served the treats.
She can be such a perfect little
lady when she wants to be.
We had a wonderful time!
But, Brilyn didn't drink much tea.
I think this tea set is a
little bit big for her little hands.
We'll probably go back to
the little cups next time.


  1. So cute, Patty. What a fun time. I love tea parties and Brilyn is adorable in her pink dress and hat.

  2. She is so cute, Patty. I love that you have so much fun with her. xo Diana