Monday, September 9, 2013

Brilyn Goes Fishing!

 Brilyn has been asking to
go fishing,
so we went.
I'm not so sure she knew
what to think about those worms!
She wasn't about to touch one.
But she did hold her
little fish!
She held on to him so we
could get a picture.
And then he moved!
And when he did it scared her,
so she threw the poor little thing.
I'm not so sure we're going
to make a fisherman out
of this kid!
Nope.... it might not be her thing.
She'd much rather go shopping!


  1. That is SO SO SO funny. You captured her expressions perfectly-a mixture of UGH and AWE and DREADFUL DELIGHT- xo Diana

  2. She is hilarious! Even though she is scared of the fish, she still is asking to go fishing.