Friday, September 6, 2013

Heart4Heart Girl Doll Giveaway

Do you have girls?
If so, I've found the perfect Christmas gift!
They're cute.... they're inexpensive....
and they're character building!
They're the

Each doll has a diary you can read
 on line. Most of the diaries include
prayers and show how God
moves to answer them.
Some only contain stories about how
the girl did something to help
improve the living conditions of herself,
her family or others.
But - the stories could be used to teach
Geography. Missions. Perseverance.
Religious Differences.
(The Christmas Celebrations are different in different cultures and religions)
And MORE. Use your imagination!
PLUS - a portion of the dolls
purchase price goes to help feed, clothe
and educate girls in the country of her origin.
(through World Vision)
And the dolls are not expensive at all.
For my girls, I am choosing the dolls
whose diaries I like best.
The dolls above all mention God
and honor God in their diaries.
To enter see the original post here.


  1. Those really ARE amazing dolls, Patty. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend there- xo Diana

  2. brilyn is sitting next to me asking if she can have one! lol