Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brilyn at Chuck E. Cheese's

 Brilyn stayed with me one day
while her Momma and Asher
went to work with her Daddy.
So.... we went to Chuck E. Cheese's.
 She played LOTS of games and
won LOTS of tickets. But this push up
was her really BIG WIN!
It was hilarious!
She wanted a push up and showed me
the machine, so I put the money in
we pushed a couple of buttons and
a robotic arm picked up her push up
and dropped it into the slot for us
to reach in and grab.
Then Brilyn shouted,
(Now I know I'm a winner anytime I get something from a vending machine. LOL)
 She can now count her own tickets
with this machine!
 And she can give Chuck E. Cheese
a handshake.
(a few weeks ago this was too much.... but then, if I saw a rat 5 times my
size I'd probably be afraid, too)
And she can shop!
She chose a cute little Webkins Pet Carrier
for a prize because she loves
pretty purses!
We had lots of fun and I'd
sure we'll be going back for more!

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