Tuesday, September 3, 2013


A brand new Chuck E Cheese
just opened in Lawton!
The girls are loving it!
 This is Grace's favorite ride!
While you sit by Chuck E. and drive the
car a machine takes your picture
and you get to pick up a print when
you finish your ride.
I think Grace collected several prints!
 This little train seemed to be
Olivia's favorite!
 It REALLY lets off steam!
 Grace enjoyed visiting with Chuck E Cheese.
Olivia was scared of him at first,
but later, she, too became his friend.
Brilyn is still not too sure about
the big guy!
 She doesn't seem to mind his
smaller likeness in the car, though.
 I think Grace just rode this little
train so she could play with the smoke.
 And these two girls stuck together
like best friends!
I think we're all happy to have a
Chuck E Cheese in town.
We'll most likely be enjoying
it for years to come!


  1. Oh -How fun. Our girls still love the one here, too. I love how the kids get so excited over things like that- xo Diana

  2. I think that chuck e cheese is Brilyn's new favorite place to go!