Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feeding Sting Rays and Learning About Sharks

 There is a new exhibit this year at
the OKC Zoo.
 It's a Sting Ray pool.
 Children are allowed to pet the
sting rays and feed them.
 Grace loved it!
 She the sting ray grabbing a piece of
shrimp out of her hands?
She was holding the food wrong, so only
the more aggressive sting rays
would come up and eat it, so the
zoo keeper at this exhibit helped her.
 You're supposed to hold your hand flat
with the food between your fingers.
Holding the food this way allows you to
catch it should a sting ray knock it loose
and not eat it.
 And when a sting ray eats it, he just swims
by and sucks it out of your hand.
Grace wanted to touch and feed the
shark, too.... but the sharks were in the
"no touch" zone.
The zookeeper could see that Grace was
a little disappointed so she allowed
her to touch a shark egg.
If you hold the eggs up so that the light
can shine through it, you can see
that is has an embryo incubating
inside of it.

 Grace thought that was pretty cool.
She didn't think too many people have
had the chance to hold and touch
a shark egg.
Here is the egg's Momma!
And - I'll post more on the zoo tomorrow.
Grace's favorite exhibit is
coming up!

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