Monday, November 11, 2013

A Baby Shower for Our Newest Addition!

Weston will be here soon,
so Heather and Brandy planned a
baby shower for
him and Alyssa!
 His room is done in camo, so they did
the shower in camo, too.
I had my doubts at first, but it turned
out really cute.
 Billy is a cowboy who loves to hunt
so hopefully, Weston will share his
passion for adventure.
 We found this burlap in the hunting department
and used it for table covers. It was about
the same price as a disposable
table cloth - but it's much cuter!
 Isn't Alyssa adorable, too!
Brandy ended up not being able to attend
the shower due to a last minute business trip,
so I was needed to help out a bit. So - I only snapped
a few pictures and then handed the camera
off to Grace. She took this last one and many
many more, and did a great job!

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