Friday, November 29, 2013

Making Ornaments with Caelie

 I picked up some tile scraps at a yard sale
and played with them. I made these two little
ornaments and put them on
Andrew's Birthday Present.
 That was just the beginning.
 Caelie was out of school and stayed with
me one day - so we went to look for
smaller tiles to make ornaments.
She can pretty much do this by herself
so she made LOTS of ornaments.
 Here are the two styles she made that 
first day.
And here is a close up of my 
favorite! I really like the pink!

Since then, Brandy and Andra have came 
over and we've made more ornaments.
But - I didn't get pictures.
I started making ornaments with them,
but ended up putting away tea sets
and making Andrew's cake with Brilyn
while the girls crafted away.
My ornaments are not finished yet.
BUT - I plan to do this again
when Grace and Olivia are here,
so I'll try to post pictures.... and instructions, then.

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  1. Hi, Patty....these are just adorable and it's sooo much fun to craft with grands. They usually do better than I do. :)