Friday, November 22, 2013

Caelie The Cheerleader!

 Caelie attended a cheer clinic and got
to perform with the High School 
Cheerleaders at a High School Game.
Heather and her girls went with me to watch!
Caelie didn't know we were coming.
Just look at her surprised smile!
 She was happy to see Grace!
 And she did a great job cheering.
 She attends a private Christian school
and if you'll notice, the cheerleaders
actually wear clothes that
cover most of them up. I love the
long sleeved cheer uniforms!
After the game, we went back to
my house for a movie night.
Grace and Olivia enjoyed the movie
but Caelie was so worked up that
she just bounced around the house.
She just could not contain all of
that energy and excitement.

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  1. What fun. Our grands go to a Christian school, too. They have uniforms and it is pretty conservative. Nice to see that in this day and age- xo Diana