Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grace's Gymnastics Expodition

 Grace had a Gymnastics Exposition and she
was excited. She seemed confident when 
she went out onto the floor.
But - from the floor she looked out and
saw LOTS and LOTS of people.
I think we failed to fully prepare her for that.
We forgot that when a child performs
for the first time you are supposed to tell
them to look out at that audience and imagine
all of those people in their underwear!
So.... she didn't know to do that.
And she got a little bit of stage fright.
 So...she was "too shy" to do all of her routines,
but she did do the rings.
And the bars.
I think those are her favorite events.

Sometimes this kid is shy and sometimes
this kid is courageously confident.
(she often sings with confidence in the shopping cart)
But she is always loved!
And her little dog ears are adorable!

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