Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Visit From Goldilocks!

We were a home school family,
and my youngest two sons
were outside the box thinkers.
While it was a struggle at first
to figure out how to teach them,
I loved the fact that they saw
and experienced things so fully!
And I think Olivia might be a
lot like them!
Because when I took the girls home
last week their Momma wasn't there.
(She had went to home group after baby sitting
a couple of neighbors so their Momma
could go to the doctor.)
We let ourselves in and they
wanted to show me their doctor stuff
in their toy room.
And - their toy room was a mess!
Grace said, "Oh, no! I know I cleaned
our toy room before I went to your house!"
And then Olivia said, "Someone's been playing
with our toys!"
Then Grace said, "Someone's been playing with
our stethoscope."
And Olivia said, "Someone's been playing
with my blocks."
Then Grace said, "And someone's been playing
with our Barbie's!"
And then - Olivia thought she KNEW
what had happened!
"Oh, no!" she said. "It must have
been Goldilocks!"
Once she figured that out she insisted
that I check the beds.
Nope.... no one was sleeping in Grace's bed.
Nope.... no one was sleeping in Olivia's bed.
Nope.... no one was sleeping in Momma's bed.
Nope...... Goldilocks was nowhere in the house!
Grace tried telling her that Goldilocks
is only a pretend character,
but Olivia wasn't buying it.
We had to check the chairs.
And once we cleared the house she still
wasn't too sure. She even wanted
her Daddy to check again
when he came home.

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  1. How funny! I love it when kids think like that! Now you have recorded it for them to read someday- xo Diana