Friday, November 8, 2013


 At the Pumpkin Patch there was a place
to go mining for minerals.
The water was a little bit cold,
but all the girls wanted to try it anyway.
 It was pretty fun. 
We got to sift sand through this little
sifter and when the sand was
washed out by the water
the gemstones would be left behind.
 We found quite a few. Once we were finished
sifting our sand, we went around and found
sand poured out on the ground and sifted that,
too, and found even more pretty little stones.
This is what the sifter looked like.
If I were handy, I think I'd make one to take
with us to the river when we go Razor
riding. Then, the girls and I could sift through
the sand by the river while the guys went
for wild Razor rides. 
Who knows... we might find something interesting.

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