Friday, January 3, 2014

An Ice Storm

 Just before Christmas
we had an Ice Storm.
I didn't get out to take many pictures,
because I was baby sitting.
But - It was BEAUTIFUL!
I love a beautiful Ice Storm!
 I got out to the back yard plenty.
Because when Brilyn looks out at this...
She doesn't see COLD.
She doesn't see FREEZING.
She doesn't see a single thing to
complain about!
She sees a backyard full of 
And she gets excited to go 
pick and icicle!
I love her perception on things.
She's happy. She's grateful.
She sees God's provision when many
see an inconvenience. 
I love that little girl.
She teaches me so many things.
Oh, if we could all just embrace the
heart of a child.
 And find the beauty in the midst
of a storm!



  1. Patty,
    It's so nice that your Granddaughter sees the beauty even in an Ice Storm. If only we could see things the way a child does......wouldn't that be nice?
    I appreciate your pictures today, as I don't see too much ice or snow here where I live.


  2. Oh- Yes- to be able to see everything through the wondering eyes of a child. How perfect! Love it- xo Diana

  3. Oh, yes...I've learned more from our 10 grands than from any one else on Earth...xoxo