Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Mantle Decor

As much as I love the Nativity I set
on the mantle for the
CHRISTmas Season,
we are well into the new year
and it is time for something new.
But since - what I really want is
a cluster of family portrait gallery wraps
I don't want to invest much.
I'd rather be frugal now and spend
money on beautiful portraits later.
So, here is what I came up with!
 Most everything I already had.
 This chalkboard is something we use 
when doing event photography.
It's a plain chalkboard with the trim
painted white and an embellishment 
glued to the top.
I used my Silhouette to cut
the wording out of adhesive cardstock.
It's removable - so I can use the 
chalkboard as a chalkboard later
if I choose.
 This frame is one I bought at a yardsale
and painted white.
Then - I took a picture of a picture
in my wedding album and converted it
to black and white and printed it.
 And because an all white mantel does not
match my neutral and brown colors
in our living room, I added two burlap
squares. I used the Silhouette to
cut lettering and wording as well as trim.
I may remove the trim. I'm still undecided, 
but I like the lettering and wording.
 And this family tree frame is something my 
husband once received as a gift from a friend
in his office. I added pictures of the grand children
and it turned out pretty cute!
So cardstock, burlap, paper and ink
probably cost me a grand total of
about ten bucks!
And I like it! I think it will do just
fine until I find myself in the mood
to change it again!

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  1. I absolutely love it, Patty. A perfect family mantle and the price was right, too. Great job! Happy Winter!!!! xo Diana