Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dolly & Me Tea Party

 We used Olivia's Special Cookies
for a Dolly & Me tea party!
 All three girls had tea with a special doll.
 It was the cutest thing.
 I don't know who had more fun.
The girls or their dolls?
 It must have been the girls,
Because Grace looks happier than
Isabelle in this picture.
 And Lillian looks as if she 
might rather be someplace else.
Isabella, on the other hand,
seems to love tea time!
(and yes - our girls have an Isabelle and an Isabella.... 
and I have a neighbor named Isabella whom we love
to play with. It's a popular name around here)
And Brilyn is being loving and kind
and doing a great job of serving!
We'll have to bring our dollies to 
tea more often!

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