Friday, January 17, 2014


 Weston is an amazingly
alert little guy.
He wants to know what's going
on around him all the time,
so he is not much of a sleeper.

So, he did not sleep for our 
photo shoot!
I did happen to get one image
of him where he LOOKS like
he is sleeping, though.
Isn't that sweet?
The trick is to shoot FAST!
Then, take two pictures.
When the lights flash for the first photo
he will close his eyes for a split 
second, giving you a chance
to take a second shot!
And don't worry..... he was perfectly
safe when we took these
photos. His Momma was right there
spotting him for safety. 
Now.... isn't he just about the cutest
little cowboy you've ever seen?

1 comment:

  1. That is the cutest little cowboy I ever saw! How sweet is Weston! So, he is not gonna be much of a sleeper then? Well, I have one grandson like that, too! xoDiana