Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Gourmet Cookie Recipe

 Do you just love the taste of gourmet cookies?
 There is a restaurant here that serves
very delicious cookies, but since
they cost about five dollars a piece,
I rarely get one.
So, after visiting one time I came up with
my own style. And they're really
quite delicious.
To make them you start with this!
One tub of the best chocolate chip 
cookie dough you can find.
And you add whatever your heart desires.
For Brilyn's party, I devided
the dough and added mini-m&m's 
to one half and I added chopped almonds
and hershey bar chunks to the other
half. Then bake!
Both recipes were good, but the almond
and hershey bar cookies were the best,
and they went the quickest.
I used two regular sized hershey
bars and that seemed about right, 
but you can adjust this recipe to suit your taste.
I wonder if that's how they make the
cookies at the Silver Spoon?
(they really are every bit as good)

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  1. OMGOSH! Those sound delicious! What a great idea. I'll let you know if we try it if I ever get working ovens again!!!! xo Diana