Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gingerbread Men

Another activity we did the
day after Christmas was make 
Gingerbread Men.
 Grace is now big enough to decorate hers
Brilyn can put the candy on hers
but she needs help with the frosting.
(and how I managed to not get a picture of Brilyn, I have no clue)
 Olivia likes putting the candy on hers, too.
But her favorite part is eating the frosting.
They all turned out cute.
I think if these Gingerbread Men kits
go on sale for 75% off, I might 
want to pick a few up.
They would be a great project to do
when you read the book about
The Gingerbread Boy.
And that's not even a Christmas Story.
So - paired with the book
these Gingerbread Kits could
be used any time during the year.

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