Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brilyn's Birthday Party

We have a monthly birthday party
at my house.... and in January,
there is only one Birthday!

And even though there is no one
to share her party with,
I try to make it special!
Brilyn loves a Tea Party,
so I did tea party type decor and served 
special cupcakes and treats.
 We used a very neutral looking
tea set.
 And since Brilyn loves chocolate
I made sure there was plenty of that.
 I cut out little candy cups with my Silhouette.
I also made the little boxes (filled with m&m's), 
the cupcake wraps and the banners
with my Silhouette.
 We had gourmet cookies!
(I'll share my recipe later)
 And delicious hot dogs!
 With chilli and all the toppings!
 And most importantly Brilyn got
a few birthday presents!
She was excited to get these!
She had told me she wanted
"skaters" and had to describe them, 
so I would know what to buy,
and while I wasn't quite sure....
it was pretty obvious when she tore into
that package that "skates" were what
she was talking about!
 She loved them. And she skated pretty
good for a first timer!
I was impressed!
 She also got a new doll and
it joined her and Caelie for a tea party.
 How sweet is that?
 I think her new doll had a really good time.
I know I had a good time.
I love Sunday afternoon's with family!

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  1. Oh- Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. It looks like she had a wonderful party and I love her new doll...AND her skaters. I think it is so precious watching those kids skate for the first time. What a blessing- xo Diana