Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bringing the Outdoors IN!

 Brilyn had so much fun
with the slide in the house.
 She climbed up.... slid down.... over and over
again. And then, she wanted a Tea Party!
 We HAD to make cookies (with an extra egg) so she could 
crack some eggs.
 I normally keep cupcakes in the freezer,
so I can put together a tea party with
very little notice, but we had to do
something with those eggs!
(Brilyn LOVES cracking eggs)
Once we got everything ready Brilyn had
a tea party on top of the climber. 
 She played some more and even watched
Tangled from the slide.
 And then she had another Tea Party
UNDER the climber.
Bringing that climber in
(and getting it clean enough to bring in)
was a lot of work - but hard work pays off!
Brilyn had a lot of fun and got more exercise
than she would have other wise.
I even caught her sharing! 
And look! She's sharing the frosting
not the cupcake!
That's the good part!
What a sweet girl. Looking back on it,
bringing the climber into the house
was totally worth the effort.

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